Magic Island, genuinely magical.

”I felt I had found little Venice in the Philippines!”

Atmospheric and romantic – 2 terms that are often related to the Italian city Venice. Magic Island gives you that same feeling – experience the little, Philippine Venice!

Magic Island - little Venice

Magic Island is the idyllic place for; groups, couples, singles of all ages. The resort is handmade from local materials, with winding paths made of different types of stones. You find palm trees, rose bushes and other tropical flora all over the resort. Explore the resort and discover new paths, stairs and seating areas with an open view of the Ocean. The two cozy beach houses are the ideal places to sort photos, play a game, dine romantically or simply enjoy the view – a fantastic place to enjoy the sunset!

Once it gets dark, the resort is enchantingly lit, and the bar is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail, beer or fruit juice before dinner is served. The sunbeds next to the bar give you the opportunity to listen to the stories that are told around the bar, while you can see the lights that twinkle in the distance like fireflies. These lights represent the mountainous contours of Negros and the south of Cebu.

Magic Island - little VeniceWhile you enjoy a drink in the bar, you can smell the delicious smells from the kitchen that spreads slowly over the entire resort. Local and Western dishes are being prepared, and the large terrace is furnished as an attractive open-air restaurant.

When you are ready for dinner, the staff invites you to take your seat at the table. The romantic atmosphere continues while you enjoy the different dishes that are served.
Just like in Venice, the delicious food is one of the highlights of Magic Island. The secret? Passion!

This is just a sketch of the experience at Magic Island Dive Resort, not to mention the diving around Moalboal! Really recommended!

Written by: Kim de Vries
Posted on: December 30, 2018