Photogallery Resort

Have you ever wondered how people could travel a thousand miles away just to have a holiday in the Philippines? Have you ever wondered why they choose the Philippines and why they keep coming back? Basically, there is one reason why— the family-like atmosphere. Indeed, it is one of the best feelings ever — being “at home” whilst you are on holiday; and that is what Magic Island is all about. It is a cosy and warm place to be, it is your home away from home.

Wake up every day in paradise. Sip your morning coffee in the comfort of your terrace or in the restaurant whilst basking in the panoramic view of the ocean with its mirror-like clarity and the misty silhouette of the neighboring town in the horizon and the famous Pescador Island.
For a day of relaxing and pampering, one can dip in the pool or enjoy reading a book whilst lazing on a sun lounger by the pool or in one of the beach houses; made perfect if you have a glass of fresh fruit juice within arm’s reach. Indulge your body with a very relaxing massage with the view of the open sky and the ocean breeze helping you drift to sleep.
We will satisfy your appetite with mouth-watering local and international dishes prepared fresh just for you.
Chat the night away whilst sipping a refreshing cocktail or mocktail or your choice of branded spirits at the bar. Drift off to dreamland in a comfortable air-conditioned room.
Relish the experience of relaxing in a quiet and cosy resort where everything you need is a stone’s throw away with professional and friendly staff, that are always ready to cater to your whims and wishes as much as possible.
Experience excellent service with a touch of warmth.
Experience the best of both worlds! Come home to Magic Island!