Photogallery Diving wide angle

On this page you will find a selection of underwater wide angle photos.

Wide angle photography, most divers do not dare to try it, neither do we. On this page you will find the most beautiful wide-angle photos, they were all given to us by our guests. They are not all pictures from professionals but also from “ordinary hobby photographers”. Of course, your camera and accessories must be suitable for this kind of photography, but why don’t you just try it? On a radiant day (we’re lucky that we have enough of those here) you can get started. Once you realize that every photographer has started like this, you will be one step ahead, or say a giant fin! You have seen all their photos, so you know what compositions are widely used. Such as slanted along the reef, so the sun will come into your pic. A model is always a fun addition but try a patient model like a sleeping turtle or your own buddy.

The reefs of Moalboal are excellent for wide angle; colorful soft corals, big table corals, whale sharks (sorry, but yah!), table size turtles, the sardines, sponges, the boat from below, etc. etc. Usually we have very little current or waves and lots of sun, what better conditions can you think of?!

Remember practice makes perfect and check out of the professionals; we cannot give more advice. Good Luck!