Photogallery Daytrips

On this page you will find a selection of photos taken on daytrips.

A planned visit to Moalboal may start with typing it into a search engine and most often than not, the results will be associated with diving. Moalboal is almost a synonym for diving in the Philippines. In a way, it is true, some of the spectacular diving sites are in this area.
However, Moalboal isn’t just about the beauty that lies beneath its waters, the locality of Moalboal and its neighboring places have plenty of things to offer. Whether you are an adventure lover or a laid back type, Moalboal promises a relaxing and fun getaway that will surely make your stay in this lovely town worthwhile.
At Magic Island, we incorporate diving and relaxation with other enjoyable activities.

Prepare for a wild and wet adventure by participating in our Canyoning trip – traverse through lush forest with winding canyons with an experienced guide paving the way. Take that giant leap unto a wide basin of the cascading waters of Kawasan falls.
While Canyoning is certainly not for the faint hearted, one can still enjoy the beauty of Kawasan falls in various ways. Enjoy the combination of diving or snorkelling at Oslob and a refreshing dip at Kawasan on the way back to the resort, or dusting off in its clear waters after a day of wandering around the local area on our sight-seeing tour.
The best way to get to know the place you are traveling to is to walk around and be one of the crowd. Take a walk around town, sample the local produce and taste the sweetest mangoes in the world!
Rent a motorbike and explore the hinterlands and mountain peaks nearby that hold breath taking views. Explore caves, hot springs or just feel the sand in your toes on Panagsama Beach in Basdiot or Whitebeach in Basdaku.
A place reveals itself to those who are willing to chase their curiosity.